PhillyKinder is a non profit organization offering weekly educational classes for German-speaking children, as well as a German summercamp and a monthly playgroup. Our primary goal is to provide a supportive learning program for children being raised bilingual by fostering the development of their German language skills through interactive learning in age-appropriate groups. Lessons are conducted exclusively in German. Language and culture are taught with a practical orientation and
experienced through all the senses. Group activities supplement general instruction and play a significant role in promoting a sense of community among the children. Older age groups also practice their written language skills. Lessons in each class are provided by an experienced German-speaking instructor with the help of an adult or adolescent teacher's aide. Through all of its work, PhillyKinder sees itself as a community that brings together bilingual families in the Greater Philadelphia area with the aim of building German-language friendships and celebrating events of shared cultural interest. Speaking German should be fun for children and adults alike!

Board of Directors:


President: Maria Sturm

Vice President: Alessandra Melloni

Treasurer: Ulf Timme
Secretary: Adrienne Frangakis

Board members:

Anne Oltmanns




Overbrook Presbyterian Church

6376 City Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19151

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